What if you could spend only $700 in a engaging website in the next 2 weeks or less, with the guiding hand of a expert Web Designer and a supportive community?

Get immediate access to live wellness DIY website group coaching, content development online course, WordPress with a pre-built template of your choice, and a private online community all designed to truly demystify the process of creating a DIY website and help you break through your desire to add an important piece to your digital footprint – without having to do it alone.


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Jolana Beavers

Hi I’m Jolana Beavers, web designer for small business and wellness coaches, owner of Tiny Pixel , former Content Specialist and Web Producer for Walt Disney Company and Apple Inc. I’m pumped to help you build a website that serves YOUR calling, not the other way around.

Why do some people seem to easily create their own website and others just struggle even with the help of a template?

If you are a wellness practitioner just starting out and want to start building your online footprint with a DIY website you can start anchoring your calling  to help others then I’ve got something special for you.

But first let me ask you this – are you struggling to get started and the flood of information is overwhelming?

There are so much information in the internet and even from peers recommendations, how do I even start?

There are quite a bit of moving parts in building a website, however you you follow the steps in this membership you will have a website to share in social media, friends, family and potential clients in no time.

Why even with a website template it takes so long to get something half decent in my webpage?

There are tons of templates and so called friendly website builders. But what they don’t show you in the templates are the fundamental of website content and the right approach in creating it, which is really the most important part of an website.

Do I need a logo and graphics?

In my experience people spend so much energy in colors and pointless details. With this membership your time will be spent where it matters the most.

There are 3 critical things everyone needs to be successful with their DIY website

What every DIY website approach need is deceptively simple:

Focusing in making a connection with your potential customers.

Does it seems obvious now that you’ve read it?

But fundamentally, that is what make a successful and effective website – content intentionally created to achieve specific purpose, following fundamental elements guidelines for website content.

Beyond making a connection with your potential customers there are actually three things all DIY website approach should also have:

  1. A clear step by step path in creating website content and what matters.
  2. Essential coaching
  3. And a network of other supportive DIY website wellness practitioners holding them accountable and giving them new insights in creating and maintaining a website that will bring results.

Introducing Wellness DIY Hosted Website membership

Upon registration you will get immediate access to the following:

Beautiful Templates

4 beautiful pre-built templates to chose from.

Content Creation

Website content development online course you can follow on your own pace. Copy and paste the content you created in the course into the website.

Hosted WordPress

Login into your WordPress – with managed hosting – login already loaded with the template of your choice.

Community Support

Access to private online community of like minded entrepreneurs.

Live Group Coaching

Live group coaching calls to answer your questions.

Professional Analysis

One professional analysis of your website upon completion.

Why a membership? Shouldn't I just pay for hosting my website after is completed?

Upon registration you will get intermediate access to the following: