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Combining creativity, experience, and the latest tools to deliver value Website Design and Online solutions for Heart Centered Solopreneurs and Small Businesses.

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The journey of running your own business is not always a smooth ride. You’ve chosen a path that not many dare to take and we understand first hand the challenges that small businesses and heart centered professionals face, especially in the service industry.

This is why my mission at Tiny Pixel is to help you create the online presence you deserve that not only captures who you and your business are and the incredible offer you have but boosts your bottom line

Over 20 Years Experience In Design and Online Marketing Goes Into The Magic We Create For You

After more than ten years working with online marketing projects in blockbuster companies, The Walt Disney Company, and Apple Inc, I decided it was time to go my own way and help small business with their online presence. With more than a decade of personal and professional experience in my wake, I created Tiny Pixel – a digital web design company geared to helping small business and talented people achieve success. During the 10 years running Tiny Pixel, all of my past clients have come away safe in the knowledge that they have exactly what they need: A fully functioning, beautifully designed website that frees them to focus on growing their business venture.

I’m confident that you – the customer, will receive as much reward from utilizing my service as I receive from offering it. And take your website and brand to the next level.

Jolana Beavers
Tiny Pixel Web Design
LinkedIn Profile: cr.linkedin.com/in/jolanabeavers

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